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The World Famous Pudding Club!

Posted by Sally Helm on

I have had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the World Famous Pudding Club in the Cotswolds.  Before leaving the US we were unable to get a reservation.  I was disappointed, but moved on.  And then a few days before their meeting they called and were able to squeeze us in.  Thank goodness! 


A pudding club meeting at the Three Ways House Hotel in Mickleton, consists of welcome drink, choice of entree, sides and however many puddings there are.  The night we attended there were only 7 puddings.  I was hoping for the dreaded 8 puddings!

I Love a Challenge! So it was my goal to eat every pudding. 

Instructions are given to eat light, don't eat many potatoes and eat your puddings in order of the lightest to the richest. Our welcome drink was Bottle Green Pomegranate Elderflower (which we sell and is made in the Cotswolds).   For my entree I picked the salmon cake with greens.  Then each pudding is carried in with pomp and circumstance.  People cheer and clap.  Let the gluttony begin! First I chose the passion fruit roulade (yummy and a bit tart), then the rhubarb crumble (delicious, but not too much please) with lashings of custard.  Then the spotted dick (less custard please), bread & butter pudding (I like my mom's better), syrup sponge (more custard and nicely sweet), ugh a bit full now.  Several people have stopped at our table!  I didn't know it was a choice to stop. I carried on, spotted dick (I've moved from custard to cream now - a bit lighter) then the chocolate (VERY VERY rich, but the cream cut it nicely) and finally my favorite, sticky toffee pudding ---and it was fantastic.  Though I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been stuffed!  

Everyone in the room voted and sticky toffee won best pudding of the evening.  The group started at 80 and there were only 19 who finished.  I did get a certificate, though so did everyone else who didn't finish.  Maybe they could start passing out ribbons for those who finish. Or maybe we should be able to take one of their puddings home. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

My beloved Sticky Toffee Pudding