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Britain's First Home-Grown Tea

Home to the Boscawen family, Tregothnan is a living and working private Cornish estate, with a rich history dating back to 1334. The name ‘Tregothnan’ literally means ‘The House at the Head of the Valley’ and is still a private family home today.

Tregothnan has the largest historic, botanic garden in Cornwall where they have persevered in pioneering botanical firsts, using their expertise to nurture rare plants, shrubs and Camellia Sinensis (tea plants) within the unique micro-climate. Eight miles from the coast with the deep sea creek of the Fal Estuary running through the estate, the warm and wet conditions are perfect for their thriving tea plantations. Tregothnan began supplying Britain’s first home-grown tea in 2005, creating the ultimate Britishness in every cup.